Who We Are?

We are a full immigration service company that will help you file your immigration case such as green card renewal, adjustment of status and conditional permanent resident.. These are among the immigration services we offer saving you money in attorney's fees.

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Get your Green Card

The Green Card gives you the permanent resident condition in the United States and the right to live and legally work in the US. There are several ways to get your green card and we assist and help you with the process

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We Take Care of Everything

From beginning to end, we take care of eveything in every step of your case, whether it's a green card, K1 fiancée visa, adjustment of status case, etc, we help you file your case with the USCIS in an efficient mannner

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We Accept :

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Complete Immigration Service at an Affordable Price!

We offer you complete immigration service at an affordable price. Instead of paying thousands of dollars to attorneys we save you money and time with our immigration specialists who have worked on many cases like yours.

Some of the most requested immigration services we offer are:

Green Card Through Marriage


Getting a green card through marriage is a fast way to obtain your lawful permanent residence. Once you have filed your case you will receive your green card if you don't have a serious criminal record and you can show sufficient financial support...

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Green Card Renewal


If you are a permanent resident and your 10 year green card has expired or will soon expire within the next 6 months then you may begin the renewal process. Keep in mind that Green card Renewal is an important matter so begin the process before you lose status.

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Conditional Permanent Resident


A conditional permanent resident is an alien who has been conditionally admitted to the United States for two years to live and work with the same rights and responsibilities as permanent residents...

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K1 Fiance(é) Visa


The K1 Fiancé(e) Visa has several benefits such as: shorter processing time compared to marriage-based immigration visa petitions.  You will be eligible to apply for a work permit and engage in employment and your children can accompany you to the U.S. on the K-2 dependent visa...

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Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Still not sure if our company is the right one for your case? Then let our customer’s testimonials speak for themselves!

Just give us a call (we speak spanish too) and we'll start your case and in 5 days it will be prepared for you.
We will do all the paperwork for you! and you’ll just have to review the case documents and sign them and that's it.

Don't wait any longer. Start work on your immigration case right away and save money and time getting your green card! Call 1-800-927-1356 now while you're thinking about filing your case.

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